April 28, 2013

Flux Research Has Relaunched

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April 11, 2013

Digital Cowboys: New Music Marketing & Business Models


April 08, 2013

Finding The One Key Metric That Matters For Your Career As A Musician

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February 23, 2013

Not for Free: Revenue Strategies for a New World

Not for Free Revenue Strategies for a New World

Not for Free: Revenue Strategies for a New World

Saul J. Berman's Not for Free: Revenue Strategies for a New World is a really awesome book and one that I shouuld read again before too long.

I discussed it in relationship to the music industry last year where I pointed out the following:

"Saul J. Berman shares the insights of research mostly conducted at IBM with a focus on revenue innovation and the following key concepts:"

  • Segmentation - by behavior rather than traditional demographic groups
  • Pricing Innovation - finding new ways to charge for a product
  • Payer Innovation - changing who pays including cost deferred approaches such as advertising
  • Package Innovation - finding different ways to offer the product to the customer

Those concepts helped clarify my thinking about Trent Reznor's package innovation though I struggled a bit with whether or not it was actually pricing innovation. Nevertheless I found the concepts useful to consider.

I also appreciate the simplicity of his definition of a business model:

"A business model encompasses how a firm creates value, how it delivers that value to customers, and how it captures revenue from those customers." (p. 6)

At one point I promised to do a full review but I don't see that happening anytime soon. What is happening is that it's become a core resource for my thinking on business models, revenue models and monetization so it will work it's way into future Flux Research coverage over time.

Available on Amazon:
Saul J. Berman - Not for Free: Revenue Strategies for a New World

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MBA Mondays: Web & Mobile Revenue Models

VC Fred Wilson just completed an MBA Mondays series on web and mobile revenue models. The initial process of developing the categories and topics was a collaborative effort utilizing a Hackpad document that lists all Web And Mobile Revenue Models discussed below.

Note that the categories are a heterogeneous mix of sources of revenue and areas of activity that nevertheless provide for a useful means of organizing the series.

Web & Mobile Revenue Models




Peer to Peer

Transaction Processing





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